About Us

Hi! I’m Shimere creator & owner. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I hand-pour all of my candles from scratch in small-batch quantities. If you are someone who loves candles as much as I do then you will value the clean burning nature of my candles. I wanted full transparency as far as knowing exactly what I was breathing in. That’s why I created this candle brand, there’s no added dies, harmful oils, powders and those fancy things people drop into candles these days. Just two ingredients wax and oil. All made here in the Northeast Coast of the USA.

Candles for a Cause. 50% of the Rescue Collection Candles profits will be donated to Horse Rescues in need. Being a huge animal lover I wanted to donate a percentage of our monthly sales back to Rescues so that they can continue to help save horses from kill pens. Horses are near and dear to my heart and as a business I am honored to be able to help however I can.